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5 good real estate resolutions for 2021

Each year, good resolutions give the impetus to new projects.And housing is no exception to the rule.After a year 2020 marked by two confinements, living in an apartment or a house that is larger or better arranged and why not with an exterior is surely the good resolution of many buyers.It is also necessary to be able to buy in an uncertain economic and health context.Here are 5 good resolutions to make your real estate project a reality this year in the best conditions.

Be responsive in your real estate search

Get started if you have a project ...even if the period is not the most active.Due to the season, winter is less favorable than spring, the stock of real estate is short, what real estate professionals surveyed by the National Real Estate Federation (FNAIM) find in its latest barometer.The number of properties for sale is declining according to 76% of real estate agents.

Seasonality is not the only one responsible for this decline since in a particularly anxiety-provoking period sellers and buyers sometimes show a wait-and-see attitude.But the appetite for stone remains timeless: housing is an essential need." These troubled times, real estate is confirmed as a safe haven for the French.Despite the confinements, the uncertain economic situation, the stone appears to be a reliable and lasting investment ", underlines Jean-Marc Torrolion, President of FNAIM.

In this context, it is better to be reactive, subscribe to alerts, record your research in an agency and consult real estate ads regularly.The same goes for visits, it is important to be available and reactive in the event of a crush.

Posted Date: 2021-01-18

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