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What changes with the easing of confinement this Saturday

France is taking a first step towards deconfinement this Saturday, November 28.As Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday, “non-essential” businesses will be able to reopen under strict conditions, and the radius limit of one kilometer and one hour for the promenade is widened."The Obs" takes stock.

Small traders were waiting for it: shops considered "non-essential" will be able to reopen their doors.On the program: a new strict sanitary protocol.The customer level will be limited to 8 m2 per person for small shops.supermarkets, which will be able to reopen their toy or clothing departments, will have to provide a counting system.

Shops may open until 9 p.m.and exemptions will be granted for Sundays.Slots may be offered for vulnerable people.Reopening of places of worship

Places of worship can also reopen their doors, again under strict conditions.

"These places will first accommodate 30 people, in compliance with sanitary rules", warned Jean Castex Thursday in a speech."Then this gauge will evolve gradually, depending on the health situation and the deadline of December 15", according to him.

Another change from Saturday, the exit time for walking or playing sports goes to 3 hours, within a radius of 20 kilometers.

Lovers of golf, tennis, surfing, horse riding will be able to find their land, like all those who practice outdoor sports, provided that their sports facility is less than 20 kilometers from their home.outlawed.

As of this Saturday, the driving schools will be able to resume their activities.The driving lessons will have to be done "in the respect of the sanitary protocol which they applied previously, but the preparation of the theoretical tests will continue to be done remotely", specified Jean Castex Thursday.

Posted Date: 2020-12-14

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